A kitchen renovation can be a long process

Kitchen remodeling can be quite difficult and time-consuming. In fact, it can be quite frustrating for homeowners to realize that their kitchen will take way longer to fully renovate than initially planned. Having a realistic timeline from the very start can be the real key to completing the project quickly. So, how long does the average kitchen renovation take?

How Long Does the Average Kitchen Renovation Take?

There are several factors that can determine the average time a kitchen remodeling or renovation can take. The type of each project, the availability of materials needed, and the specific requirements of the remodeling plan are the most significant factors.

How Long Does a Custom Kitchen Take?

A custom kitchen renovation project typically includes wall removals, reconfiguration of the kitchen’s floor, and other small structural changes. That will normally take from 10 weeks to 4 months to fully complete. However, the actual time may vary a lot and this is why a thorough plan should be designed from the very start.

What Can Delay a Kitchen Renovation?

Still, even if the whole planning has been made with extreme caution, several delays may occur. The most common issue homeowners may come across is some delays in the arrival of the products the renovation requires. In most cases, some special-ordered products may not arrive in time or a poorly-made agreement may occur with the companies related to the supply and disposal of their goodies.

For this reason, you should order the products you require as soon as possible, otherwise, you run the risk of waiting up to 1-2 months. Any structural changes, like the removal of a window or wall, may also, take some extra time, and for this reason, you should consider the additional time beforehand.

An average timetable for homeowners wishing to renovate their kitchens will normally start with an appointment with a professional kitchen designer. Preliminary designs will be the first step towards creating both a budget and timeline for the whole project.

kitchen renovation timeline

That will typically require about a week. After this period, homeowners have to consider the different design options, door styles, cabinet lines, and finishers. At the end of the first month, homeowners should be able to solidify the designs and compare the offers provided by contractors.

The second month will typically be focused on demolition and construction. and in most cases, some of the prescheduled purchases, including door frames, cabinets, or new kitchen accessories will start to get delivered during that month.

The last step towards making our kitchen look fresh and new is having your kitchen’s furniture installed. In almost 3-4 months, an average kitchen renovation will be fully complete.

Overall, from the first day a professional makes an appointment to design your kitchen’s renovation, you’ll have to wait about 4 months before your kitchen is fully renovated.

A realistic timeline and thorough schedule will help to eliminate any surprises that may lead to serious delays. There are examples of homeowners having to wait way longer, even a whole year in addition to the initial timeline due to poorly scheduled designs or because the whole renovation was rushed and begun before the entire plan was fully programmed.